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Photography Workshops 2015

The Long Term Project

During this unique workshop, Caffery and Modica will help participants identify and execute strong personal work, drawing from the students’ own portfolios and project ideas. They will present useful methods to sustain passion and creativity during the course of a long-term project, resulting in the students’ ability to make work that is powerful and singular. Both instructors will present their own powerful photography to the class, explaining how they come up with project ideas and how they go about executing their projects. They will talk about getting access to people and places. Additionally, they will discuss how they promote their work to publishers, galleries and museums.

Successful book and gallery / museum exhibitions usually are the result of working on the series of photographs over the course of several and oftentimes many years. It’s easy to lose direction, focus over the course of such long periods. Making powerful work over sustained periods requires intention and dedication. The idea for the work can change as new directions for the project become apparent.

This class is intended for photographers who are actively engaged or planning to begin production of personal projects.  Bring your ideas, initial work or nearly completed projects for review. Attendees will learn how to identify strengths and weaknesses in ongoing projects, and how to take them to the next level.

The class will include individual and class reviews of workshop participants’ portfolios and will include on-site and local shooting sessions designed to practice methods to best documenting story ideas.


Maine Photographic Workshops

Documentary Photography
Document the world from your personal perspective while you explore the relationsihip between photographer and subject.
August 2-8

Santa Fe Photography Workshops

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
October (to be announced)

Workshop participants capture "fragile" Louisiana

Examples of students work:
Debbie's students work was featured
by John Patrick. Click here to view their beautiful work!
John Patricks clothes line is "Organic by John Patrick"

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