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Photographs in my ABC Book are images from my archive and some images I created for the book were inspired by my granddaugher.

"As a Curator of Photography, I have an abiding love for the book as an exciting medium for presenting artist' work in thought full and playful ways. Alphabet, by Debbie Fleming Caffery, is a special volume that transcends the beauty and interest one typically expects of a compilation by a master photographer.  This is a book to savor not just on one's own, but also with family.  I imagine sitting down with my young daughter, Scarlett, who will soon be one and a half years old, to discover this book.  Turning page after page, we will unearth together how letters, words, and powerfully evocative pictures drawn from the everday world can lead our imaginations to soar, unlocking the power of creativity in the process of learning and discovery.
  Debbie Fleming Caffery is considered one of the great contemporary photographers of the American South. Known for an exceptional and broad body of work, spanning haunting image of sugar cane harvesting in Louisiana to striking portraits and landscapes in Mexico and the Mississippi Delta, her picutres are collected by museums and art enthusiast around the world.The wonderful lyricism of her images evoke an open-ended sense of mystery that provides the perfect avenue through which to discove the possibilites of our surroundings and their creative relationship to the building blocks of language."

-Brett Abbott
Keough Family Curator of Photography and Head of Collections, High Museum of Art, Atlanta

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The Shadows

Published by Twin Pams Publsihing

Also available a limited edition  of 25 in a clamshell box with an 8 by 10 silver gelatin photograph signed by the artist.

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Twin Palms Publishing

"The true artist always mix the the inner substance of the soul with the essence of the subject to derive droplets of imagery from the resultant alchemy.  This magical process requires total involvement of the heart. Debbie Fleming Caffery's work radiates the fusion of her personal passion with the emotional energy of her subjects.  From this fundamental union comes the depth and power of her images."
Francis Ford Coppola

Debbbie Fleming Caffery's images can be seen as articles of faith. The relentless insistence of subject and symbol in these images is assuredly their greatest strenght.  This vigor relults from a tension that can be both visual and emotional.  In this marshy no-man's-land between description and illusion, her photographs serve as an able guide to truths that are better sensed than seen."
John Lawrence

One of  The 25 Best Books of 2002, The Magazine, Santa Fe New Mexico



 Published by Twin Palms Press

Limited edition of  25 in a clamshell box with an 8 by 10 silver gelatin photograph  signed by the artist.
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Twin Palms Publishing.

Her most recent book, Polly, chronicles her long friendship with a solitary and proud African-American woman in the sugar country of Louisiana. Images of Polly are included in the permanent collections of many museums including the Metropolitian Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art,  Whitney Museum of Art, amd the Bibliotheque National in Paris.

"Both Polly Joseph and Debbie Fleming Caffery are women of Southern Louisiana and together they formed an intimate, isolated bond initiated by photography and matured into an unlikely friendship. The details of Polly's life, present and past, became a collection of fables Caffery drank in like the dust-filled air and the deep, articulated shadows that surrounded them. Caffery's photographs transmit mystery and truth through the story, body, and home of Polly: they are a collective portrait of unspeakable power"
Trudy Wilner Stack

"An extraordinary photographic project began one day in 1984, when Debbie Fleming Caffery, a Louisiana native, saw Polly, a black woman in her seventies, on the porch of a cabin she'd been driving past for more than a year. The interior was lit only by the sun that came through its small windows and the flow from a fireplace that had left a sooty pall over everything, but it became Caffery's favorite place to visit and photograph. 'You know when you become consumed with a project?', the photographer asks. 'I went there so often and I thought about her so much--I would dream about her. Going to Polly's was like being vacuumed into a feeling of security and warmth. I would rather have gone to her house than any place during those years.' This devotion is evident in the photographs, and it's clearly returned by Polly, who opens herself to the camera with remarkable


The Spirit and the Flesh
Essay by Carrie Springer
Excerpts from the Poem "Ghost Sickness" by Luis Alberto Urrea

Signed Copies available  from Gitterman Gallery: or 212 734 0868
Limited books available

 Photo Eye's Best Books of 2009
 selected by George Slade, Antone Dolezai, Anne Kelly

Caffery’s black-and-white photographs have always had an otherworldly cast—a sense that she’s looking beyond the physical to something more ethereal. “The Spirit & the Flesh,” the title of her new book of pictures from Mexico, though applicable to all her work, is especially appropriate for this exhibition of pictures from the book, many of them taken in brothels. Caffery’s prostitutes—earthy, voluptuous, naked—are sometimes masked, sometimes in shadow, but, no matter how gloomy the setting, they appear burnished, luminous. There are echoes here of Brassaï, Bellocq, and Bravo, but Caffery conjures her own dark mysteries, and the work is as seductive and elusive as her subjects.

Vince Alleti

Hurricane Images
Catalog of images from Exhibition 2009
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Photographies Debbie Fleming Caffery
Collection l'oiseau rare-Filigranes Editions/L'oiseau rare Sarl 2000
Images of Children

prefacees par Alain Desvergnes, Textes et entretien de Gabriel Bauret
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Carry Me Home
Published by the Smithsonian Press

Carry Me Home is out of print, but it may be found on Amazon.